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IPhones have arrived in Italy, or rather, in Riccione

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IPhones have arrived in Italy, or rather, in Riccione | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

In the shop window, among the now famous iCarta, the "ball" speakers, a powerful bright red speaker and many accessories for listening to the Cupertino digital player stands out a brand new iPhone just arrived from the United States directly from Apple America The most enterprising customers can go simply observing the object behind the glasses and ask the staff to show it in all its functions, except for the telephone ones which, given the roaming tariffs, would be expensive to use on this part of the ocean .

But already touch the iPhone, access its innovative interface, operate in Wi-fi to surf the internet or consult YouTube videos, discover the functions that are hidden behind its icons, scroll the lists at the desired speed simply with the hint of a finger on the smoothed screen can be the motivation to spend an evening in the center of the Adriatic and between a walk and an ice cream enjoy the latest of Steve Jobs' technological wonders.

Starting from tonight, the Italians who live or visit the Adriatic coast have one more reason to take a tour of Viale Ceccarini in Riccione. In the next few hours we will show you the iPhone at work and in the iStuff shop on these pages.

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