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iPhoneBrowser, navigate iPhone via Windows

Thanks to the efforts of some independent programmers, iPhoneBrowser was born, a program that allows browsing within the directories of the Apple mobile phone from a Windows operating system.

Although copying or creating new folders is excluded, with the help of a graphical interface, you can use the drag & drop functions for uploading multiple files. Added options for previewing text, png and jpeg files, automatic or manual backup on your PC, replacement of files with appropriate nomenclature and elimination function with automatic backup.

Using the program requires some technical knowledge to penetrate the iPhone's defenses and access the files; once the result is obtained, the .NET libraries will be needed, in particular "Manzana.dll".

We recall that these practices are far from being officially authorized by Apple; in any case, for more information, we would like to point out the ModmyiPhone community, responsible for iPhoneBrowser.