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iPhone / Windows 7: detected the synchronization bug on some motherboards?

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Gigabyte has released a beta version update for the GA-P55-UD4P motherboard with which it seems to solve the problem of the iPhone not synchronizing on this motherboard with Intel's P55 chipset.

Last week Intel, Microsoft and Apple had all announced that they were investigating the cause of the problem which seems to concern in particular the users of Windows 7 who use the 64-bit version of the operating system on the motherboards with P55 chipset.

Intel had already anticipated to C-Net its impression that the problem was probably caused by incorrect BIOS or incorrect settings of the same. BIOS stands for Basic Input / Output System and can be considered the junction point between hardware and software: a sort of firmware, a small application encoded inside a special chip (EEPROM or flash memory ) which contains the basic routines that allow you to start your computer, run diagnostics, initialize some components, and boot up on common PCs.

Some users have reported synchronization problems even on PCs with motherboards produced by Asus, MSI and Gigabyte. Of these three manufacturers, only Gigabyte has currently released an update (albeit in beta) for the BIOS. Owners of motherboards with P55 chipsets from other brands have communicated that they have actually solved the problem by updating the BIOS of their PCs to the latest versions and simultaneously installing the latest versions of the Intel chipset driver; still other users have solved the problem of non-synchronization by starting iTunes in Windows Vista SP2 compatible mode.

Users who are affected by the bug cannot synchronize their iPhone after connecting the USB cable and starting iTunes 9: when attempting to synchronize, a message appears with the cryptic error "0xE8000065". Microsoft is also investigating and has made it known that if the operating system problem will be released as soon as possible a specific update.

Intel's P55 chipset supports the Core i7-800 and Core i5-700 series CPUs. (By Mauro Notarianni)