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iPhone was originally a tablet

iPhone was initially a tablet logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone was born as a tablet. The unpublished detail on the history of Cupertino's phone stems from an article published yesterday in the New York Times that retraces the history of the mobile phone backwards.

The idea of ??creating a phone, says John Markoff, born not too long ago, from a previous project called "Safari Pad", a sort of mini-laptop that was supposed to essentially serve Internet browsing, as the code name itself says. The hardware department headed by Tim Bucher would have elaborated several ideas around this original concept, but none would have substantially satisfied Jobs. Hence the "genetic mutation" imposed by Jobs who turned that project into an iPhone.

Markoff is said to be confident that the initial project, in reality, has only been deferred and that the appearance of the iPod Touch is the signal that something is moving in that direction. The confirmation would be in the insistence with which Apple stresses the interest in Wifi devices and the fact that even recently Cook would have defined iPod Touch as a platform. To push there would also be Intel which is preparing a range of components (including the Atom mentioned yesterday) that represent the ideal for a tablet or a very small computer (one and a half times the iPod touch says the New York Times). Among the hypotheses of the newspaper there is also a semi-specialized device, inspired by the Amazon Kindle, with functions of digital content readers, the size of the MacBook Air.

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