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IPhone video pause: here's how to do it with RecordPause

IPhone video pause: here's how to do it with RecordPause


RecordPause, pause video recording on iPhone. Here's how to pause while recording a video on iPhone thanks to RecordPause

RecordPause, the tweak that adds the Pause button to Cydia video recording

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RecordPause a new tweak for Apple devices with Jailbreak that allows you to add the Pause button in recording videos. Let's see how it works together.

It is useless to deny it: iPhone probably the best smartphone in terms of camera and video camera.

The iOS operating system, however, has a big "problem": it doesn't allow you to pause video recording.

All iPhone owners know that, when they try to record a video via their smartphone, they don't have the option to pause the registration. This is a real shame, since the possibility of many could be useful pause the movie recording.

If you also feel the need to pause videos on iPhone, you can solve the problem using tweakRecordPause, available only for jailbreak iPhones. This tweak, as anticipated, allows you to pause video recording on iPhone in an extremely easy way.As long as this feature isn't natively implemented by Apple (but what are you waiting for ??), you can get around the problem with tweakRecordPause.

As you surely know, to date when you stop or block a video that you are recording with your iPhone or iPad, it stops and you cannot in any way resume and continue recording the same. But with RecordPause tweak, you can pause video recording in an extremely simple way. Simply tap on the video recording stopwatch to pause the video. You will see that the font color of the stopwatch numbers will change from white to yellow, and by touching it again, it will come back again and resume the recording of the video, thus creating a single movie.

To better explain how the tweak works, here is an interesting and useful video:

As easy to guess,RecordPause definitely a very useful tweak for those who often use video functionality on their devices.

Very interesting to note that RecordPause available for free on Cydia, in the BigBoss repository. What are you waiting for to download it?

This tweak compatible with iOS 8.0 and later versions of Apple's mobile operating system.

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