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iPhone unlocked soldering iron shots

iPhone unlocked soldering iron logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone unlocked via hardware and without the use of special SIM cards or special software. Here is what a group of anonymous iPhone users would have managed to refer to a certain George Hotz.

The technique used, it is learned from a video posted on YouTube, involves the use of a card of any GSM network manager and a welder, as well as a good dose of courage and dexterity. Once you have obtained these essential elements, in fact, you must be willing to put the survival of your phone at risk since you have to access the motherboard and modify the latter and the SIM card with a tin. The risks associated with the operation would not be few, given that Hotz himself defines the probability of making the phone useless as "very high".

Anyone interested in this (illegal, remember) procedure, may perhaps take a little patience and wait for next week when a method to unlock the phone without having to resort to complicated should be made public by the same group. and dangerous welds.

Below the apparently authentic video showing the use of the unlocked phone and with a T-Mobile Sim card.

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