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iPhone unlocked, Apple complaint Danish importer

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iPhone unlocked, Apple complaint Danish importer logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple is attacking parallel iPhone importers. This is what happens in Denmark where a telephone product distributor, Telekden, was seen delivering a letter in which the local Apple branch threatens legal action. Apple's position follows the marketing throughout Denmark of the Telekden-controlled chain of unlocked iPhones.

According to reports from the magazine Politiken Apple would require not only the cessation of the marketing of the phone, but also the delivery (free of charge and therefore without any compensation) of all iPhones purchased on the parallel market and the signing of a document with which Telekden undertakes no longer sell any Apple product without explicit consent from the Apple itself. Finally, Cupertino's lawyers also request payment of unspecified damages.

The heads of the Danish company reply by appealing to free trade and traditional customs in the sector: 'We do not need any permission from Nokia to sell Nokia phones'. A statement that for (perhaps not surprisingly) forgets to note the fact that probably even Nokia could not pretend anything if Telekden unlocked cell phones that are tied to a carrier at the factory.

The Danish situation appears rather similar to the Italian one where there are some importers who have decided to market unlocked iPhones at some important and visible shops in shopping centers and places of great passage. Adding to the story an 'all-Italian' tone the fact that some of the shop assistants peddle iPhones as official Apple products 'in preview', which does not seem to happen in Denmark.

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