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iPhone, they were ten and they were young and strong

iPhone, they were ten and they were young and strong logomacitynet1200wide 1

The ten knights of the impossible. This could be called a photo that appeared in the last few hours on Flickr that immortalizes the top ten fans who lined up in front of the Apple store on Fifth Street in New York to be in pole position for the purchase of the iPhone.

In the image, taken by Incipio, a company specialized in accessories for MP3 and mobile devices, the faces of the record men of the waiting, starting from Greg Packard, are lined up from left to right for the first time, lined up from five in the morning on Monday . It will be him if not the first one of the very first customers in the world to have the opportunity to get his hands on the mobile phone, since New York located on the East coast and therefore in the most advantageous time slot based on the sales policy chosen by Apple and At & T which sets the time for the iPhone launch at six in the evening (midnight in Italy), local time.

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Note that two women versus eight men are also seen in the row. A sign that among male members are more interested in the phone or simply more crazy? Who knows? What is certain is that some of those in line, including the number five, interviewed by some American media said they were there to buy the phone for his girlfriend. A token of love certainly less usual than a rose and less expensive than a diamond, but certainly much more sweaty and, for someone, much more precious and coveted.

So goes romance in the digital age.

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