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iPhone: the status of the SIM unlock two months after launch

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When Apple launched its phone just two months ago, the biggest bet was on the time it would take to unlock the use limited to the AT&T SIM with which it was supplied.After that for prepaid cards from the same operator and the makeup of the TurboSim or Black SIM (still unobtainable after a fleeting reappearance) and that "hardware now commonly called GeoHack expected the definitive release of the hack software announced immediately after the one made by soldering iron by the American teenager.

Today's news that iPhoneSimFree announces the availability of its iPhone unlock in 3 days and provides some interesting indications in a FAQ that we translate for your benefit:

Translation of the iPhoneSimfree faq (at 2pm Italian on September 29th)

1. Will all the features of the phone be able to work after the hack?Yes. With the exception of Visual Voice mail (which is an exclusive AT&T feature), all those available on locked phones will be available on unlocked phones (except for YouTube which requires specific activation)

2. The unlock resistant to Apple updatesAlthough we have taken all possible measures to ensure that the phone remains unlocked we can only guarantee the current range of updates (up to 1.0.2) with each of these versions even if the phone must have a complete restore, it will remain unlocked.

3. If I restore, will my phone software still work?Yes (confirmed up to version 1.02)

4. If fully unlocked for voice and data fully exploitable with alternative carriers?We tested it by voice and data extensively in multiple countries using different carriers and we had no problems.

5. Is iTunes always required to activate the phone? Activating your phone with iTunes is not the only method available for activating your phone. To use our telephone you must activate the telephone through the means of your choice (see question 11)

6. Does unlocking the phone work with phones that have already been activated?Yes, an activated telephone is required (for the non-telephone part n.d.r) for the operation of the software (see question 5 above)

7. Can I unlock it before the AT&T registration process?Yes

8. Does it work with update 1.02?Yes

9. Will it work on my cellular network?Yes, if your network supports a GSM sim

10. What is the process required of the customer for operation?Currently our initial release will require that the end user activate and perform a "jail break" to install our application on the phone (we are working on the creation of an automated application for mac and pc that will be released shortly after launch)

11. Is it easy to install?Contrary to other methods currently available. our software is the simplest and fastest to install and put to work.

12. How many phones can I unlock with a license?One

13. When can I buy it?We plan to release it within the next 48-72 hours

14. How much does it cost?We are evaluating various price structures that will be announced during construction.

15. Which method can I use for payment? We are working to offer as many payment methods as possible.

16. Do you offer a full refund if the software doesn't work?The unlock will WORK. We cannot provide any guarantees in the event Apple decides to re-lock the phone in a future update.

17. How will you distribute the software?The software will be made available for download once the registered user has made his payment.

As you can see, a price and a payment method have not yet been determined. You will have to wait a few more hours to find out more.

On the other hand, the second developer who had had some headaches from AT&T lawyers in recent days wants to demonstrate with a video that his solution is also perfectly efficient: see what he posted on YouTube a few hours ago below. We are always waiting for prices and times for the marketing of his hack.

In the meantime, on the hardware front, attempts to create the "GeoHack" on their own are wasted and many users have discovered alternative methods to the soldering iron to connect the two points of the motherboard of the phone to open it to the hack: the most imaginative and less dangerous seems to be the one made with two simple pins connected by a copper wire: it requires great skill and in any case requires the opening of the phone and a long software process that several hackers are trying to simplify.

Given also the noteworthy death of the iPhone reported in these hours following Geohacking little noticed perhaps better to wait for the release of the software outlet: if you really want to open your iPhone and you have no doubts about the legality of the operation do it in a virtual way!