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IPhone site revolutionized

Seven days after the launch of the iPhone, the site dedicated to the phone appears completely revolutionized.

A new layout, devoid of the now characteristic black background, presents all the characteristics known for some time, the news just announced (such as compatibility with YouTube), the possibility of writing applications and where to buy the mobile phone.

In the lower part, all the commercials released to date appear (including the one that from yesterday indicates the possibility of streaming YouTube videos); above a section that explains how to get ready on the phone and, even higher, the main novelty of the page, a video of almost 180 MB that in twenty minutes presents the phone in all its aspects, guiding us by the hand to discover they.

The movie is also available in an ?embedded? version, on the page and therefore not downloadable, in three different formats, small, medium and large.

Those who, however, want to have the thrill of handling the phone, even if only virtually, could find this video useful in Qtvr.

Finally at this link a summary gallery with still images, a media gallery and even the link to the keyn ote with San Francisco, the one with which Jobs officially presented the phone to the public.

Thanks for the report to Michele Manente