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IPhone SIM unlock: latest updates between hardware and software hacks

As our most attentive readers will know how to unlock the SIM of the iPhone, on whose application legality some doubts can be nourished while the one on the sale of the same is based, they can be divided into 3 types: totally software unlock without interventions with tools as soldering iron or various short circuits, release with accessory or reprogrammed / cloned SIM or hardware release in its various modes.

The software unlockFor the arrival of the software release, it is a matter of hours if not minutes: the one promised by and previewed at Engadget, CNN and GizModo is about to be released to users, or rather, to distributors who have purchased minimum packages of 50 / 500 licenses and have resold them at prices ranging from 35 to 80 Euros.


According to the testimonies of the "independent" newspapers, unlocking would not have problems working and the problem that afflicted those who had protected access to their iPhone with a PIN number was also solved. In a few hours (before night) we will be able to tell you how it went with the phone of some of our readers with whom we are in contact.We can however anticipate that the solution is almost completely self-installing and requires few steps from the owner of the iPhone. it must be said that iPhoneSimFree does not scruple the copyright problems: the symbol used to advertise the unlocking software the perfect logo of the bitten apple with a keyhole in the center!

Unlocking it with SIMThe second update concerns the unlocking strand with accessory or cloned sim: the simplest, cheapest and least legal method should be that of the TurboSim we told you about in the past few days: but here there is still very little availability of the accessory that fact is not produced in sufficient quantities to meet market demands. It is easy to find the SuperSim that need to reprogram a virgin SIM with the data of your phone and a 32k TIM sim or a SIM version V1 of another operator but here the little availability of Sims of this type and the fact that you are in fact cloning a sim (a very likely illegal operation even if performed on an object of your property) slows down the use of this trick. In the last few hours another method popped up which provides the reprogramming of a Double Sim based on tools and supports that for some time have allowed to have a double number on the same card to be insert in the mobile phone: here the costs go up and we get to about 120 Euros for a job done by experts: here too doubts remain about the necessary "cloning" activity.

Hardware unlockFinally, the hardware unlock: it is clearly based on the "GeoHack" of the young American who evolved by first obviating the need to weld inside the phone with pins, and now, as a further evolution, using the contacts on the iPhone dock, perhaps by making a properly modified dock so as not to go to work within the very limited space of the receptacle of the phone's dock socket. As we had foreseen, there are already in our country some technicians who have equipped themselves for hardware unlocking and practice prices ranging from 70 to 100 euros for the operation: costs that could be reduced if with a possible hardware release via dock which moreover would not entail the need to open the phone.

Waiting for September 28th …Leaving aside doubts about the legality of hacking at the moment In any case, those who use software and hardware unlocking face a concrete risk: that in the event of a substantial software update (with these updates not yet happened) the phone will lose its unlock status by requiring additional software or hardware operation.

Let's not forget also that even a simple iTunes update (as happened with version 7.4) could in fact block again the fundamental data synchronization functions with your computer making the iPhone or contact management part practically useless. base that of not carrying out an iTunes or firmware update before knowing what effect it has on your unlocked phone.

An absolute verification can be done on September 28th (or maybe a few days before) when Apple will presumably release an update to enable iPhone to access the purchase of music tracks and movies from the iTunes Store like its "godson" iPod Touch .

We will see on that occasion what will happen to the many unlocks and if the more daring will be forced to keep their phone in a "freeze" or non-updating condition pending an evolution of the hacks.