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iPhone seen in an Fnac store in Paris?

iPhone seen by Fnac in Paris? According to Macbidouille, the apparition, which would have been sensational, there is no doubt: the phone was seen at one of the electronics retailer's department stores and beyond: it was also demonstrated for a few minutes by some clerk who had just extracted it from a carton.

If the rumor were confirmed and if the Macbidouille sources had not been the victim of a mistake, this would mean only one thing: an announcement for the launch in Europe of the iPhone now imminent, a matter of days or, perhaps, of hours. The reason why Fnac, one of Apple's privileged partners in France where (at the Paris Digital store) manages the largest of the European Apple Shops, would have the phone available the fact that it must start selling it or, if nothing else, to propose it to the public pending a start of marketing that will not be long.

The fact that the phone appeared by Fnac would also mean a second thing: that the sales system in Europe would be substantially different adopted in the US which provides that the mobile phone is marketed only by Apple in its Apple Retail Stores and by At & T which manages the service telephony.

In short, for the Old Continent, Apple would expand availability by extending it also to independent stores. If this should be interpreted as a different strategy also with regard to the service (phone not blocked, for example, on a specific carrier) or only the need to cope with a network not as widespread as that which Apple has in the US with its retail stores, difficult to say.

What is certain that not the first time that there are signs in the direction of an expansion of the iPhone sales chain as far as Europe is concerned. As you know, in fact, in recent months there has been a lot of talk on our website about phone sightings at large online retailers such as Amazon or Expansys.