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iPhone SE vs iPhone 8: inside the same, 1821mAh but change the camera

iPhone SE vs iPhone 8: inside the same, 1821mAh but change the camera

There 2020 version of iPhone SE arrives on the market later today but, despite having been formalized for some time, there are still many doubts about the components used by Apple for its new compact device.

The new SE, in fact, is nothing more than an updated and improved version of the iPhone 8 of 2017 from which it inherits several components; but what are those shared between the two smartphones? A first teardown tries to answer this question, comparing the two devices.

The video, which you can find just below (activate the subtitles!), Highlights how iPhone SE and iPhone 8 have so many aspects in common: the arrangement of the antennas, the shape of the motherboard, the Taptic Engine module, the main case and the front camera.

All these elements are practically identical to each other in that you can even swap the motherboard between the two phones and not find any kind of incompatibility (at least in the components just mentioned). However, it appears that Apple has introduced some differences in two sectors: the battery and the photographic one (in reference to the main rear module).

As for the battery (there capacity remains 1821mAh) we can see how iPhone SE adopts a connector similar to that found on iPhone 11; therefore, it is not possible to use the iPhone 8 on the new model even if we are talking about the same battery. Even more interesting is the fact that iPhone SE main camera is different compared to iPhone 8, signal that the 12 MegaPixel module has been updated.

We need to wait for some more detailed analysis to understand exactly the extent of the changes; possible that it is the same unit that we find on iPhone XR? It is still early to say. Net of this, iPhone SE 2020 is really very similar to iPhone 8: the other substantial changes concern the transition to the more performing SoC Apple A13 Bionic and the presence of 3GB of RAM.

(updated April 24, 2020, 11:02 am)