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iPhone SE: information on battery, RAM, U1 chip, AppleCare and wallpaper download

iPhone SE: information on battery, RAM, U1 chip, AppleCare and wallpaper download

iPhone SE (2020) has been official for a few hours and as usual we can expect that in the next few days more details and information will emerge that Apple did not want to officially communicate. For now we have certain information about AppleCare and very consistent clues to the chip U1, on the RAM and on the capacity of the battery – these last two data, in particular, have always been kept hidden by the Apple. For final certainties we will have to wait for the teardowns, but at least we have an idea of ​​what to expect.


The U1 chip debuted on the iPhone 11 family and for now remains their exclusive: it is not even found on the latest iPad Pro (which we have also already reviewed). It is used to enable the UltraWideband connectivity, which allows a device to understand its position and orientation with respect to other products equipped with the same chip. Apple is now using it to make AirDrop more functional, but it is suspected that it will be a key element for AirTagsaccessories that will help users find items like keys, wallets and so on.

U1 is not mentioned in the official technical specifications nor in any other page related to the new cheap iPhone on the official Apple website. In short, only the visual confirmation from the inspection of the motherboard is missing, but for that we will have to wait for iFixit or JerryRigEverything.


The price of AppleCare drops compared to that expected for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: it goes from € 149 (the figure can be verified on the official Apple document with the conditions and terms of the service, in the most recent update) to 99 €. Recall that AppleCare + is an additional insurance coverage that protects Apple products from accidental damage such as falls and liquids, with two free replacements over two years.


This is what the product data sheet of the device on the operator's website claims China Telecom, at least. History teaches us that this information channel is not always 100% reliable, so the data must be taken with a little caution; that said, they are at least plausible. The battery of the two smartphones has one 1,821 mAh capacity, for a declared autonomy of 13 hours of combined use. The same autonomy is expected by Apple for the new iPhone SE. The RAM of the iPhone 8 was instead of 2 GB.


We attach them below. Above there are those for the light theme, below the counterparts for the dark theme.

Apple iPhone SE available on to 249 euros.