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iPhone SE, Apple plays defensively according to IDC analysis

iPhone SE, Apple plays defensively according to IDC analysis

The new iPhone SE It has been presented for a few days, and it is already one of the most discussed smartphones of this beginning of 2020, as demonstrated by the over six thousand comments on the presentation article here on HDBlog. In our analysis we then went on to define this move Apple controversial, yes, but also ingenious. A conscious and carefully calibrated operation based on market needs. In support of this thesis now also the last one arrives IDC China report, which through thedata analysis of the Chinese market of smartphones, illustrates some of the assumptions that are behind the Cupertino strategy: which would not be offensive, but conservative, defensive.

iPhone SE is an easily readable device: its highlights I'm clear, his weak points too. Starting with a design that is now outdated even compared to low-end Android proposals: but it is also a design that for years has been practically synonymous with smartphones, and for this Apple (and only Apple) is the only one that can even think today to present a product with two condominium cornices above and below the screen. But it is precisely in this dated look, in its most evident weakness, that its strengths begin. And that is the possibility of providing modern hardware, keeping the price bar low, especially by the standards of the bitten apple. And therefore under the body there is the latest generation A13 processor, the same present on the iPhone 11 range, flanked by a solid photographic sector, a light and compact form-factor, and above all the guarantee of many, many years of support and updates from Apple.

However, an important distinction must be made: any discussion on the quality-price ratio offered by the new iPhone SE cannot ignore the fact that in the United States prices start at $ 399 (plus taxes), while here in Italy from € 499. And this makes a big difference in evaluating the balance of Apple's proposal seen with our own eyes and wallets.

Still different, although complementary, is therehorizon analyzed by IDC China: the Chinese market, in fact. The report considers $ 399 as the base price, but still places the device in that range from $ 400 to $ 600.

First, the analysis observes how Apple continue to be on the Chinese market the individual producer with the larger user base: alone it represents a share close to 20% (18.9% in 2019, to be precise) of the whole cake.

According to IDC, iPhone SE result desirable especially for the large number of iPhone 6, 7 or owners 8, that when they choose to change smartphones they will have an economic solution, with updated hardware and design not at the latest, but still familiar. Even if one thinks that some of these could be enticed, when they decide to change smartphones, to look for a more modern form factor, and in short to face an expense to find themselves in the hands then a device that is not aesthetically identical to the previous one.

An important consideration is that relating to market portion represented by mid-range between $ 400 and $ 600, for which the public interest stands fallingmoving from 14.5% in 2018 to 12.0% in 2019.

The economic recession caused by the global health crisis is leading and will lead many consumers to reconsider their habits: and therefore not to change smartphones except out of strict necessity, or to decrease the budget they are willing to invest. For this reason it is possible that interest will return to grow precisely for that price range that goes from 400 to 600 dollars, and that as said in recent years had been affected by a progressive shrinkage, also due to the producers who tend to extremes and polarize your offer upwards and downwards. In this context, iPhone SE could find further fertile ground.

It is, however, one market segment dominated solidly from Huawei, then followed by Oppo. For IDC the main target of the new iPhone SE, at least limited to the Chinese market, it is clear: users of older iPhone models. In this sense we can read Apple's move not as offensive, but as defensive in an attempt to don't lose users in favor of the competition when the price of the new top of the range can be high, and the mid-level deals on Android they can then become tempting in the absence of a counterparty that allows it to remain within the Apple ecosystem. What time does it exist.

(update of April 23, 2020, 4:57 pm)