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iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone 9 impending launch in red, black and white

iphone SE 2020

New information on the new model of Entry-level iPhone emerged, including the commercial name, the available colors and the storage options, based on what was shared by 9to5mac. In light of this information, we expect Apple to be planning to open orders for the new iPhone shortly, most likely as early as this weekend. Apple's trade names are one of the most protected details of the new iPhones. So far we have used two nicknames to refer to this product iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 9. Based on the new information Apple will call the new entry-level model simply iPhone SE 2020 where 2020 refers to the new hardware. The trade name iPhone SE is used for the 4-inch model that uses the iPhone 5s body with the camera and the iPhone 6s processor.

iphone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020

We now know that the new model uses the same chip as the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Plus: the Apple A13 processor. They are two generations from the A11 Bionic chip inside the iPhone 8. The new iPhone SE will most likely be popular with iPhone 6 customers that no longer receive major new software updates, also the A13 processor enables Apple Arcade and augmented reality functionality which for now are not possible on the software running on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The colors and storage options of the iPhone SE 2020 also seem to be confirmed color options will include three variants:

They will also be available five cases for iPhone SE:

  • Black silicone
  • White silicone
  • Red skin
  • Black skin
  • Midnight blue leather

We can also confirm three storage options for the new iPhone SE: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

The new iPhone SE should have the same iPhone 8 design, even if the battery life should be far greater. Although we cannot confirm when Apple will announce the iPhone SE 2020, it is possible that Apple may reveal it start taking orders for the new iPhone during this weekend. In fact, as we have already announced to you, many retailers seem to have received covers for the new phone. As we already know, the purchase will be able tocome only through the website since the company has closed all its stores worldwide with the exception of China.

Source 9to5Mac