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iPhone, sales stalled, according to Gartner

The reasons for the price drop? In the collapse of iPhone sales. This is the opinion of Sandy Shen, Gartner research director for the Shanghai office. To report the opinion of Shen Bloomberg in a news published today on her site.

"IPhone sales have stopped. This is the reason for the $ 200 price cut made these days. Obviously, the decision to drop the list price can provoke the antipathy of the most loyal customers and this is the reason for the purchase voucher presented yesterday by Jobs and the apologies published on the site ".

Gartner then goes on to list a series of problems that iPhone faces and that could undermine its ability to contribute as expected to Apple's cause. A second risk, for example, derives from the iPod Touch model which could steal sales on the phone. On the contrary, the two products run the risk of competing on the same level and of avoiding each other's market.

iPhone then, according to Gartner, has the problem of being and remaining a consumer product, which cannot affect the business market because it cannot be totally secured. To be supported, companies should spend a lot of money.

Finally, the last problem in the fact that iPhone not yet available in Asia so that many oriental producers are able to produce similar products, affecting Apple's ability to arrive on that market with a competitive product.

Gartner's opinion and rumors of iPhone market problems, as well as concern about below-expected profits, continue to hit Apple stocks on the third consecutive day of bearishness. At the time of writing, AAPL loses nearly 2.5% on Wall Street.