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iPhone. P2P "experiment" with Torrent software

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iPhone. P2P "experiment" with Torrent software logomacitynet1200wide 1

P2P arrives on the iPhone. A new free application for iPhone, to all intents and purposes a Peer-To-Peer client, is called Trasmission and allows you to download and share files through Torrent networks for which there are dozens of programs for Mac and PC platforms. The BitTorrent client that has been "translated" to run on the iPhone ARM processor is called Transmission: it is a multiplatform program, characterized by a light but complete executable with all the necessary functions.

Among the first to install and try the new program we mention the site which also highlights some limitations. First of all, it is a program without a graphical interface: although it is very likely that the Open Source community will provide one in a short time, at the moment Transmission for iPhone can only be used via the command line.

From the posts on the Transmission site and from the short article appeared, we learn that the program is unstable if used with an EDGE connection. The first tests showed a data transfer rate of 5 kb per second, in any case both Internet sites do not recommend their use with EDGE networks. Without going into the merits of the legal and prohibited dowloads carried out via Torrent networks and in general with P2P (but there are also many programs and legal contents), we cannot help noticing the scarce practical use of a client of this type for iPhone. The performance and above all the rapid drain of the battery make this initiative more than anything else as an example of the versatility of the iPhone and of the curiosity, initiative that the Apple phone managed to unleash in the community of Open Source programmers at a global level.

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