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iPhone Os on the way to new devices

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iPhone Os on the way to new devices –

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Apple wants to export iPhone Os to other hardware devices, other than iPhone, ipod touch and iPad to create a real new parallel platform to Mac Os? According to what is learned from a personal research message it seems that this is the direction.

"The Core Plaform group within the organization of Apple's Core OS – reads the message – is looking for a manager with vision and talent to lead a focused team to bring iPhone Os to new platforms." Cupertino makes no mention of the reference platforms, but it is very likely that Apple is thinking of using the iPhone operating system for new generation devices in both the mobility and digital home sectors. Such as not easy to imagine, but iPhone Os, which in fact a close relative of Mac Os, could be useful in ultraportable computers, set top boxes (an heir to Apple TV) or machines such as network servers, NAS and other devices that could emerge from the evolutionary process that is still largely underway.

To imagine the picture that starts from the desire to maximize the investment on the operating system, one cannot ignore the moves made in the world of processors. Apple has the former PAsemi team working on ARM-based chips whose technology it fired. In the future, the CPUs built on Cortex architecture will end up becoming more and more powerful and if there are companies willing to invest in the creation of machines that go beyond notebooks and always based on Atom, it is very likely that Apple may have not dissimilar plans for devices. on proprietary platform other than iPhone and iPod.

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