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iPhone, one in three Americans want it

iPhone, one in three Americans want it logomacitynet1200wide 1

One in three Americans intend to buy an iPhone. This is the truly exceptional result that emerges from a survey carried out by Lightspeed Research in recent days whose data were presented yesterday.

The rather large sample (39 thousand interviews) revealed that 22% of those who do not yet have an iPhone intend to buy in the future, even without setting a precise date. A smaller, but still significant (8%) percentage wants to buy it within three months. A subsequent investigation also specified the reasons why the champion intends to buy the phone: music skills are in first place, those of playing movies in second and wireless connectivity in third place.

Another interesting fact is the geographical location of those who want to buy an iPhone. On the Pacific coast, those interested in iPhones are double that of other areas. And it is no coincidence that in California there were the biggest problems finding iPhone. There was also a high interest in New England and in the area of ??the Middle Atlantic, on the West coast.

The effect of the press and TV campaign can be seen in the number of people who have heard of the iPhone: 90% know what they are talking about when mentioning the Apple phone.

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