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iPhone on the mobile Internet is still a large minority

iPhone is fine, but currently still represents a large minority in Internet use. This is what we learn from some interesting data published yesterday by AdMob, a site specializing in advertising for mobile devices.

The information gathered by the network shows that the total number of requests forwarded to the AdMob servers by the iPhone is 0.8% worldwide. A discrete number if you consider the age of the phone, its reduced diffusion as regards availability and the very limited number of models (in fact only one in two or three variants if you include the 4 GB version now out production). But if you make a comparison with some of the most popular cell phones, such as Motorola's RAZR V3 or KRZR K1c, the sidereal distance. The RAZR V3 alone represents 5.21% of requests. The Apple phone is also behind some competitors not precisely on the crest of the wave at least in terms of popularity such as the Treo 755p.

Apple's operating system represents 5% of the total when it comes to smartphones only, at a huge distance from 43% of Symbian (which essentially means Nokia) or 25% of Rim Os or 20% of Windows Mobile. In the United States, where the iPhone is very popular, the data, at least as far as the Apple phone is concerned, are not very different: 6% of the traffic of Smartphones by manufacturer and 6% for operating systems.

An interesting detail for us Italians comes from the list of requests forwarded to servers by country and classified taking into account only those that arrive from the iPhone. Italy conquers 1% of the total a percentage that is only apparently small, but which, on closer inspection, is very high. The network basically refers to the English-speaking web space, therefore the interest of Italian surfers for it is quite limited (not surprisingly, Italy is not among the top 10 countries for access to the advertising network) and in Italy iPhone not officially sold. If you compare with other countries, you can see that Germany is at 2% and Canada at 1%.

Finally, another element of reflection, also from a European and Italian point of view, that currently most users access the Internet with their iPhone "turned" on Wifi (54%). It can be both the signal and the Edge networks are considered too slow or that in the USA (the country where the latter statistics were compiled) where thanks to the vast and widespread Wifi network, customers prefer this type of network.