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iPhone: no video output

iPhone: no video output Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has long included in its iPods with large color screen the ability to project with a video composite or super-video connection the images and videos stored on the internal hard disk on a TV or an external monitor: just select "TV activated" in the special reader menu and the signal disappears from the internal screen to switch to the larger one on which you want to view your shots or films encoded in Mpeg 4 or H264.

iPhone, which has a "recessed" headphone connector, does not have the video signal present on the relevant minijack and is not even able to output Supervideo through the serial dock and does not even have any menu that activates this possibility in the series of internal options.

The fact that during the presentations of the iPhone Steve Jobs had operated in "mirror" mode with the mobile screen and the much larger one behind him had perhaps deluded the most but during the last two keynotes the Apple CEO has always claimed that the model used was a special device, probably with an additional video presentation module.

Even if the hackers say they have discovered a tree structure in the internal menus that provides for the activation or not of the unsaid video out option that this is activated only in a second generation model: in the Apple documentation there is no mention in any part of a possible auxiliary video output.

This is the only 30 or 80 GB iPod Video left, the only small portable Apple device that can be connected to a TV

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