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iPhone, Italian sweepstakes offers 10

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iPhone, Italian sweepstakes offers 10 logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone has not yet arrived in Italy, but its popularity is already such that it is worth using it to drive the success of a prize competition. This is what one would be tempted to think when learning that Haurex, a company specialized in the design and production of high-end wristwatches, launched an initiative that envisages iPhone as one of the two main prizes.

Haurex 500, this is the name of the competition, is giving away a Fiat 500 as first prize and 10 Apple phones as second prize. The approach to the car of the Turin-based manufacturer with telephones makes it clear how we have tried to strike the imagination of customers by offering the trendiest traffic today in the car and telephone sector respectively. Next to the iPhone and Fiat 500 there is also a 42-inch Plasma TV from LG which is reserved for retailers only.

Among the aspects of some interest, the timing of the competition. The prize draw will take place on February 1, their delivery within 180 days of the award, or six months. As if to say that Haurex is confident that iPhone will be made available on our market by August next year, a fairly large safety margin, given that most observers believe that Cupertino's mobile phone will be launched before the late spring also in other markets, including ours. Another detail is that of the cost of the telephone; Haurex sets the ivato price of iPhones at 379 euros. A figure different from that to which it is sold today in Europe.

To participate in the Haurex competition and try to win an iPhone, just buy one of the watches from the Bolognese company, fill in and send the appropriate postcard.

Thanks for the report to Stefano Lotto.

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