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iPhone is not a good deal (on eBay)

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iPhone is not a good deal, at least for those who thought of buying in quantities to be resold on the Internet to make a profit. This can be deduced from an interesting article published in the New York Times, which dedicates a space to tell the failures of those who hoped, if not become not rich, at least to earn to the point of having a free phone.

The list of those who have discovered that they are unable to sprout the dreamed profits very long and some of them are mentioned in the newspaper. It is, for example, David Flashner who had bought two phones with the hope of selling one at twice the list price, thus paying his staff. Instead, despite having started advertising on Craiglist while he was still in line in front of the shop, he was then forced to bring the phone back where he had bought it since nobody wanted it. Someone was luckier, managing to sell the iPhone at a good price in the first hours of availability especially to those who desperately wanted it but did not want to stay in line 'but as soon as it was clear that the demand would be matched by the offer, the prices went down' , says the New York Times. Today, it is unlikely that prices of $ 100 will emerge above the list, a margin that after taxes becomes negligible and that calculating the lost time turns into a loss.

The problem, as mentioned, in the fact that Apple seems to have been able to match the demand and iPhone has not turned into the Xbox or the Playstation of the phones that even days after the launch were difficult to find, 'but in Harry's book Potter – says the New York Times – something nice to have first, but that there is no problem to find if you arrive for second '

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