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IPhone is available in China: high prices and no Wi-Fi

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IPhone available in China: high prices and no Wi-Fi – logomacitynet1200wide 1

After over a year of rumors and after the official agreement between Apple and China Unicom, iPhone finally available commercially in China. The operator is confident that iPhone will allow it to gain ground compared to the competitor China Mobile but the success of the Apple smartphone in one of the most promising world markets is not without uncertainties. According to some analysts, the absence of Wi-Fi could represent a discouraging factor for the evolved Chinese clientele, the target most interested in Cupertino's smartphone.

Another factor that plays against the success of the iPhone is the high price at which it is offered in stores: starting from 4,999 yuan equal to about 490 euros, up to 6,999 yuan around 700. Although the prices are substantially identical to those practiced in Europe, in addition to the considerations on average per capita income in China, the third problem indicated by analysts is also linked.

We are referring to the parallel import market capable of providing iPhone 3GS complete with Wi-Fi functionality at a price of about 20% lower than those officially practiced. Finally, remember that immediately after the start of iPhone production for the Chinese market, local legislation has eased the existing vetoes related to Wi-Fi, so not excluded that in the future China Unicom will be able to market iPhones complete with Wi-Fi connectivity.

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