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iPhone, increased autonomy, glass screen

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iPhone, increased autonomy, glass screen logomacitynet1200wide 1

Scratch-resistant glass screen and eight-hour battery. Here are the latest news, to date never revealed, of the iPhone technical specifications. Apple revealed it later today with a surprise announcement.

The most interesting novelty from the point of view of the usability of the phone is the battery life, which would now be eight hours during the call. Apple previously reported five hours. As a result of what appears to be a battery boost, audio playback (which changes to 24 hours), Internet browsing (six hours) and video playback (7 hours) also have benefits. iPhone in stand-by now capable of 250 hours. These specifications make iPhone one of the most autonomous phones on the market.

A second interesting detail is the glass screen and no longer plastic. The new material ensures superior scratch resistance and superior visibility.

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