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iPhone, in the USA now also bought without a contract (but always locked)

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The iPhone arrives in the US without a contract. The novelty, launched in the last few hours and truly significant for the American market, is announced by a message sent to the employees of the Apple Stores in which the specific conditions for the purchase of the full-price and unconstrained phone are dictated (theoretically, as we will see ) to At & T.

The internal document dictates the conditions of purchase without a contract; it ranges from the inability to buy more than one at a time to no more than 10 in total, throughout the course of one's "life" as a customer. For this it is necessary to provide an identity document when buying the mobile phone.

All this, for us Italians, at first glance and admitting that there is no distinction between US credit cards and European cards or US and international residents. does it mean that if we go to the US we can buy an iPhone at prices, as always and as on all products, lower than the Italian ones? The answer is if you are willing to proceed later to unlock the device. In fact, although the telephone is without a contract, it remains blocked to the AT&T network and therefore it will be necessary to resolve the constraint using one of the known methods and which have the equally known advantages and disadvantages.

Whether the operation is convenient should be decided by looking at your needs. What is interesting to note here is that the immediate advantage for American customers is not so significant; after all, it is only a matter of being able to purchase a cell phone that will be usable, even once unlocked, almost exclusively on the AT&T network which is the only one with national coverage that uses UMTS technology. It remains an important signal in commercial terms because for the first time even in the United States on sale a full-price phone without the obligation of a contract with the operator who has always been close to the iPhone.

The choice could be understood as a step towards a universe, in fact already existing in various countries, where the phone will be available both in a free and full price version, and, at a discounted price or not, connected to an operator but not so much for the use of software that keeps them tied to it, but through a contract that obliges the payment of a monthly fee. A solution that could also be in sight for the iPad offer.