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iPhone in the UK since September?

iPhone in the UK since September? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Will iPhone be launched in the UK in September? According to Pc Adivisor, a British magazine will be just the right month to see Apple's mobile phone land in that country. The magazine cites in support of its thesis "sources close to Apple", according to which the peripherals and accessories of the mobile phone are now ready to arrive in stores just for September and since the accessories have no sense without the telegono, that would be the right month to wait for the launch of the iPhone in the old continent.

According to Pc Adivisor, however, contrary to what is claimed by other sources, O2 will not be the chosen carrier or, at least, no agreement in this sense has yet been signed. The rumor of a partnership with the telephone operator has been circulating for some time, punctually denied every time it appears from the parent company, the Spanish Telefonica.

We recall that at the moment Apple's only official pronouncement on the iPhone in Europe dates back to the time of the presentation, which took place in San Francisco. Then Jobs said the phone would arrive after the summer, a statement that someone says means before the Christmas gift season. At the moment it is not even sure that the phone at launch will be available throughout Europe; someone hypothesizes that the presentation at an early stage will only affect the United Kingdom, France and Germany (and only with an Edge version of the phone), as happened, on the other hand, with the arrival of iTunes in the old continent that debut just in these three countries.

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