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iPhone in Portugal: Apple deals with two other operators

iPhone in Portugal: Apple deals with two other operators logomacitynet1200wide 1

After the iPhone case in Italy for the first time worldwide with two operators in a single country, the same model could now also be used in other countries. In Portugal there is turmoil over alleged negotiations still ongoing with local mobile operators. After confirming Vodafone with iPhone by the end of the year, Cupertino would still be in talks with two other operators: TMN and Optimus.

The distribution of customers in Portugal indicates as first TMN with approximately 6 million users, Vodafone second with approximately 5 million, finally Optimus with 2.3 million. It would therefore be important for Apple to be able to recruit at least one of the two operators; in particular TMN which represents the main local operator, as the main local operator in Italy Tim. It seems rather unlikely that there will be an agreement with three operators simultaneously. At least at this stage of the iPhone market.

At the moment it is unclear whether Vodafone has obtained the exclusive rights in the nine countries (excluding Italy, where it is obvious that the exclusive rights are not available) to which to offer iPhones. Several observers believe not, taking for example exactly what is happening in our country. But n Vodafone n Apple have provided feedback to this hypothesis.

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