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iPhone in China, the most important e-commerce site sells 5 pieces in two weeks

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iPhone in China, the most important e-commerce site sells 5 pieces in two weeks – logomacitynet1200wide 1

5 iPhones sold in two weeks. Here is the spectacular negative record achieved by, one of the most important sites in the world in the field of electronic commerce and which, in China, also operates as a showcase for China Unicom products. The figure was and remains surprising even if we take into account that China Unicom has its own shop from which it sells the Apple phone; many Chinese, in fact, use which operates according to eBay methods and which represents a much more visible showcase than that proposed by the mobile operator who has (for now) the exclusive for the Apple mobile phone.

Signals that iPhone was not very popular in China have been completely apparent since the launch. During the first days of availability, the pieces officially sold were only 5000, very few if we take into account the potential market to which the mobile phone is addressed. But the fact that a prominent ecommerce site like managed to place only 5 pieces negatively exceeds any possible imagination.

The reasons why iPhone has little market in China are different. The first probably in the cost, very high, the second in the limitations compared to the western versions (no Wifi), the third that the Chinese can easily buy iPhones on the gray market at a reduced price compared to that practiced by China Unicom. For example, in Hong Kong, which even formally a Chinese city (although special economic and tax laws apply inside it), the iPhone costs $ 200 less than the official price of the Chinese mobile operator. The fourth in the system of purchasing applications that without Wifi can be purchased only through the cellular network (or computer) and only using one of the very rare Chinese credit cards.

But beyond the analysis on the reasons for what someone is already defining (not entirely wrong at least for what we see today) an epic failure of the Chinese iPhone adventure, very likely that Apple is already forced to seriously rethink the strategies pursued over the past few months for the most populous country in the world.

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