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iPhone in China: in the early days only 5,000 pieces sold

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iPhone in China: in the early days only 5,000 pieces sold – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In the first days of its launch, iPhone in China was purchased by 5,000 customers, a number judged to be small by the major world media, especially in light of the number of China Unicom customers who have subscribed to plans and services related to the new 3G cellular network recently launched, approximately 1 million.

In any case, Chang Xiaobing, president of China Unicom said that the company is satisfied with the current iPhone trend: "We are satisfied with the iPhone sales so far and we aim to reach 1 million new 3G users per month for the foreseeable future ". The operator also stated that he anticipated an increase in turnover for the fourth quarter of the year also generated thanks to the Apple smartphone.

In this regard, the managers of China Unicom forecast that gross revenues will decline from 39% at present to 36% in the next quarter mainly due to the increase in competition and the higher expenses necessary to support the subsidies. This latter item includes the higher costs that operators must incur in order to be able to offer iPhones in their catalog: in addition to the subsidy on the overall price, deemed insufficient by various analysts for the Chinese market, the reduction in revenues also due to the higher costs in advertising and marketing necessary to promote the smartphone.

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