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iPhone in Britain will come from O2 and Vodafone?

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Will Vodafone and O2 sell iPhones in England together? This is what Macworld UK supposes using, a British site for the online sale of phones and accessories for the mobile world.

By doing a search with the term 'iPhone', in fact, the phone appears in two versions, a Vodafone and, in fact, an O2. The site goes even further, offering a minimum price for the O2 version: 99 pounds. The figure, which would be surprising given that it is less than 150 euros, about 195 $ (a third of what costs in the US), is not confirmed on the Vodafone page where, instead of the cost, there is an inscription in which he says that the price has not yet been confirmed.

As mentioned, this is enough for Macworld UK to assume that the phone will be distributed by the two carriers or that, if nothing else, it will be available with more complex formulas than those adopted in the USA where it is presented only by At & t.

The hypothesis that in Europe Apple may be forced to adopt a strategy other than the American one appears, in fact, very reliable and this for several reasons, starting with the complexity of the Old Continent market. But that this can be deduced from the catalog is more doubtful.

At the moment there are other sites in Europe that have iPhone in their catalog. This is the case, for example, of Expansys Italia which even sells phones without any contract included. But in this and other cases it seems to be able to say that when iPhone is on the market it will really be offered for sale on these same channels that today present it to their public. In many cases it seems to be able to say that it is, more than anything else, a bet or, if you prefer, a good way to collect reservations in advance.

That this is the strategy and that for now nobody can tell if and how iPhone will also be sold by generic retailers is clear from the Amazon UK pages. The section dedicated to the phone clearly reads: 'we are currently unable to guarantee if and when this product will become available'. In short, Amazon offers the possibility to book iPhone, reserving the right to communicate if it will be able to obtain the sale.

Even could, therefore, have made the same choice, placing the phone in its offer to collect a few reservations, hoping then in fact to have iPhone available. The fact that it was placed in the O2 and Vodafone mobile group could simply be the 'bet in the bet', based on the rumors circulating on the Internet.

And if in England there are those who bet on the iPhone in the offer of O2 and Vodafone, in France there are those who say they are sure that the phone could be sold by Orange. This is the case of Le Figaro according to which the operator, part of the France Telecom group, could introduce the mobile phone to the market just after Apple Expo in Paris. Orange would have pre-ordered 50,000 iPhones and entered into an agreement with some major French retailers to increase visibility on the phone market. Needless to say, when asked, Orange declined to comment.