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iPhone: hardware unlocking is reality

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The young American hacker who had promised to publish the solution to completely unlock the iPhone has lived up to his commitment: armed with a soldering iron and software to reprogram the flash memory of the phone managed to make the mobile phone independent of any operator.

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"Do not do it at home" reads some slightly too violent shows that go on TV but we bet that the most experienced welders or the most unconscious or maybe some skilled tin and chip craftsman will get to work early to sell unlocked iPhones following the instructions on this site or starting an activity similar to the one that has seen the mod chips for the Playstation 1 and 2 proliferate in these years.

The ten steps in which the young George Hotz describes the unlock do not seem particularly difficult to follow, at least for those with a minimum of programming experience; what is obviously the most risky when installing the switch necessary to "deceive" the telecommunication part of the iPhone: the author "burned" a friend's iPhone before succeeding in the business.

The story of the unlock, dutifully aired on August 23 on George's blog, also accompanied by the images of the beers and the RedBulls swallowed dangerously during the complex operation, ends with two communications: the author's departure from the scene who must start his school activity in college and put on sale what is destined to become a historic heirloom: the first fully unlocked iPhone in the universe.

Is the possibility of a complete software unlocking more concrete? Surely we will see the development of a tool that summarizes all the firmware management operations described in the final steps of the hack … for the rest you will have to rely on some brilliant boy like George …

The description of the necessary steps starts from this page of the Geoge Blog.

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