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iPhone, everyone wants it in China

The potentially most profitable market for iPhones? According to the In-Stat website, China is undoubtedly a country where the Apple phone could be a success of considerable proportions. Why? According to the online magazine there are mainly 4 reasons that can make one think of an announced success.

First, in China, the smartphone market is addressed not so much to a business clientele, but more to an audience interested in multimedia and entertainment, all very strong features in Apple's mobile phone. The ideal smartphone on the Chinese market much closer to an iPhone than it is to a BlackBerry.

Secondly, Chinese users seem much more inclined to spend substantial amounts more on smartphones than on MP3 players: in 2007, 20% of the phones sold had a cost of over $ 530. Taking into account, in theory, the iPhone would have a potential market in China of approximately 28 million hypothetical buyers.

The iPhone, moreover, not only a successful device from a commercial point of view, but an apparatus capable of revolutionizing the market of "smart phones", thanks to its graphic interface and its usability and simplicity, combined with a new interpretation of touch technology.

An aspect that must be inserted in a context of expansion of navigation, declined in its mobile meaning, both as a cause and as an effect. Many agree that iPhone has paved the way for the "true" interpretation of mobile navigation and certainly the Apple mobile phone itself will evolve to follow the trend it launched.

Considerations supported by an important fact: China Mobile, the first Chinese mobile operator, has estimated at around 400,000 iPhones unlocked and used on its network at the end of 2007. On 10 iPhones, therefore, at least one would have ended up on the Chinese market to be unlocked. A fact that confirms what has been said in the past: iPhones unlocked and used in an "unofficial" way are much more than you can imagine.