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IPhone displays in Apple stores

IPhone displays in Apple stores logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple stores are getting ready for the iPhone debut next Friday. Among many maneuvers that are surely taking place in secret, there are also some public ones, such as the one that was noticed at the Fifth Avenue store in New York.

During the afternoon yesterday (local time), some employees of the stores began to position a large parallelepiped-shaped display stand a couple of meters high. Although the object was packed, the outline of an iPhone was clearly visible behind the plastic.

The workers who were working on it, as Tuaw explains in an article published in the comment of a small gallery of images (taken with a cellphone and as such of not excellent quality), did not provide any explanation of what it was and they didn't even admit it was iPhone promotional material.

At the end of the afternoon, after a wait that lasted over an hour, when the promises of the employees of the Apple Store themselves to remove the plastic proved to be in vain, people left.

In the photo alongside an image posted on Flickr.

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