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iPhone: David Pogue's musical

iPhone: David Pogue's "musical" logomacitynet1200wide 1

On the music of "My Way" the New York Times reporter David Pogue says goodbye to his old cell phone, ugly and malfunctioning, throws it in the river missing a canoeist and, despite the bad reviews, the batteries soldered, the lack of a flash card decides to buy an iPhone.

Aided by the now "classic" Shawn King (who acted as Apple's secret envoy in the previous teasing movie "" The iPhone Challenge – Keep it quiet ") and other occasional visitors to the Fifth Avenue Apple store, David launches into a choral tease not so much of Cupertino's cell phone but of the total madness that has accompanied and is accompanying its launch.

You can consult the video on the New York Times website or more simply in the YouTube window below.

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