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IPhone Club, already more than 500 members

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Lots of memberships via the Web, dozens of people at the Club preview held on Saturday 27 February. Thus the interest in the aura of the iPhone was manifested for the "preview" day of the club dedicated to the "smartest" and most desired mobile phones promoted by GoWeb, Art Valley and CEGroup

At the first meeting, held at Sala Portello, in via Grosotto, Pizza Accursio in Milan, there were several developers, ideas-carriers, entrepreneurs, business angels but also simple users :. In just a few days, the initiative to bring together the technical scientific environment that revolves around the phone has collected over 500 members * with name and surname *, extending to social media lists and direct members to the website.

During the meeting, Mauro Sanua, promoter of the initiative, described the activities that the club will propose gathering interest and confirmation from the audience. The young developers Alberto Sigismondi and Daniele Poggi of Toodev intervened with interesting cases, who told how an iPhone application was born. For his part Maurizio Cremaschi described the interest of important groups such as Mediaset and Sky in the projects he implemented, with specialized agencies. And Luca Penati of CeGroup also supported the training implicit in joining the CLUB.

Mauro then stressed that the CLUB is an institution open to all and not only to developers and as such willing to accept the most disparate proposals and contributions, even from users. The opening of the promoters is also aimed at companies and institutions that will be able to take advantage of a wide range of services that the Club will offer in favor of an ever-growing interest in the potential of smartphones and service and content applications that companies and institutions can offer reaching users directly in their "pocket". A team of professionals and sector experts will be available to companies and institutions to evaluate the opportunities offered by the market today and in the short future.

In the meantime, the courses and mini-courses by CE Group continue, as scheduled in the Portello office in Milan. Also to be noted between April and May on a date to be confirmed, two other important events that bind all members of the club and the future developments of mobile devices towards the business world.