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iPhone: AT&T suspends online sales in the New York area

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iPhone: AT&T suspends online sales in the New York area – logomacitynet1200wide 1

As of yesterday, residents of the New York area can no longer purchase an iPhone via the AT&T website. The operator portal warns users that plans and subscriptions are no longer available when a zip code is entered for the New York area. When asked by Cnet, an AT&T spokesman explained that this is a routine change in the operator's plans and distribution channels. Interestingly, some customer support staff offer a completely different explanation.

The first unofficial explanation circulating on Overseas websites indicated in congested 3G networks the real problem of the suspension of sales, but most likely it is a personal consideration reported by a customer support operator on the phone. We recall that in the USA, especially for the densely populated areas of New York and even San Francisco, iPhone users have been reporting poor performance for access to the Web for some time and also problems for traditional telephone calls.

According to more than one website, including TUAW, other customer support staff have offered a further explanation. According to these, the real reason behind the suspension of iPhone online sales concerns a recent increase in fraud made by credit card payments for online purchases from the New York area.

The attention of the sites dedicated to the world of Apple and in particular to the iPhone for the USA is dedicating ample space to the suspension of online sales not only for the importance of the area concerned but also by inserting the news in a trend that does not miss an opportunity to highlight the shortcomings of AT&T's 3G service and networks. In practice, even today's news marks according to many another point in favor of the passage of the iPhone also in the catalog of Verizon or another US operator, thus ending also in the United States the operator's monopoly that has existed since the launch of iPhone.

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