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iPhone at zero rate, launched the sprint to liquidate stocks

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iPhone at zero rate, launched the sprint to liquidate stocks –

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Apple appears to have embarked on the sprint to liquidate iPhone stocks. The feeling that Cupertino began to feel the need to move the mobile phone market in Italy arose a few days ago with the appearance of the first advertisements (on TV and also in newspapers) after a long period of blackouts, then in the USA here is the possibility to buy iPhones without necessarily purchasing a contract with AT&T and, finally, today here is the zero rate for customers in our country.

The possibility of buying in installments and without interest in 12 months on the Apple mobile phone appeared on the Cupertino online site where there is mention of an offer available for those who call the Apple's freephone number. The offer (Taeg 0%, Taen 0%) is not further specified, but there are few doubts that a similar purchase method is connected to Cupertino's willingness to put mobile warehouses and sales in motion in view of the launch of the next model that could only in the course of the summer, but whose ghost but whose ghost could start hovering very soon, making it much more difficult to sell the old models.

Recall that most observers believe that the new iPhone will be announced between the end of June and the beginning of July, just before the expiration of the hundreds of thousands of iPhone contracts signed at the launch of the 3G model that two years ago it had made its world debut in mid-July. If this really is so then the rumors on the phone will appear very soon and with them there will be a slowdown in the sales of the models currently on the market.

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