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iPhone anticipates for Australia?

iPhone in Australia by summer? According to the local Macworld edition, the chances of the mobile phone appearing on the Pacific market are very high and there are countless items collected by local retailers to testify to this. The Australian resellers would not act as 'subject', but would have had precise information directly from Apple which would have made them aware of its plans.

The launch date would be set between late June and early July, more or less when the phone is thought to appear (in 3G version) in some important European countries. In this case it is probable that also for Australia the phone is the new generation one, eagerly awaited by the market. The particularity of the local market would lie in the fact that for Australia it would not have an exclusive operator but would be sold, in essence, in an unlocked version and moreover it would be available from a different series of points of sale, including normal Apple retailers.

In short, as far as Australia is concerned, at least to listen to Macworld, a whole series of particularities (not to mention oddities) never seen in the markets where today it sells the telephone would be prepared.

For its part, Apple has denied having informed the retailers of its plans (which certainly does not struggle to believe it) and that at the state of things it has no declaration to make on a version of iPhone for the Australian market.

Recall that the most reliable forecasts point for Australia to a launch for 2009, shortly after the presentation of the iPhone in other countries of the Asia and Pacific area. In support of an advance, there would be only the need for Apple to reach the promised 10 million pieces sold by 2008; the target can hardly be imagined as at hand if the Apple will not launch, and soon, a version of iPhone 3G in most of the main countries of the world as regards cellular telephony and Australia is certainly among them, especially if we consider that Telstra (the operator who has always been associated with the iPhone) has almost 10 million lines out of a total of 20 million inhabitants.