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iPhone and Apple Watch as the car key: CarKey in the iOS 13.4 beta

iPhone and Apple Watch as the car key: CarKey in the iOS 13.4 beta

Open the car with the iPhone could be one of the next features to which Apple is working. In the very first iOS 13.4 beta, distributed just last night, colleagues from 9to5Mac they discovered the existence of a new API, called carkey. The name is quite explanatory; here is what emerged by digging a bit, in summary:

  • The iPhone will lock, unlock and start the engine car.
  • Users will be able to use it with cars compatible with the NFC technology.
  • It will not require Face ID for authentication, so it can be used even if the iPhone battery is low.
  • Will also be compatibleApple Watch.
  • You won't need to use a specific car manufacturer app: pairing will take place through the Wallet app.
  • The Wallet app will also allow you to share the virtual "key" with other people, for example relatives or friends in case of need.

Controlling the car with the smartphone is certainly not new at absolute levels, but with this initiative Apple seems interested in develop a standard easily accessible to all the producers concerned; on the user side, it is useful because they do not necessarily have to turn to the various official apps, which inevitably vary a lot in terms of quality and functions, to perform the most basic operations.

We await further official information, but it is good to specify that the presence of the code in a Beta does not necessarily imply that it will remain in the stable version; the function could be postponed or even canceled. It is however plausible to speculate that Apple is already collaborating with some manufacturer to turn the API into reality.