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iPhone? An excellent gaming platform. John Carmack says so

iPhone? A great gaming platform. John Carmack says sologomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone would be an interesting device as a gaming platform open to developers. Many certainly think this way; the most interesting aspect that this opinion comes directly from John Carmack, an American developer considered the father of the FPS and one of the best 3D graphics engine programmers on the market.

According to Carmack, given the potential, the iPhone should be used as an open development environment. In spite of the declarations of Steve Jobs, which justifies the closure of the iPhone for security reasons, at the annual QuakeCon, Carmack declared himself not convinced of the real truthfulness of this motivation and pushed some of his collaborators to strive, in an attempt to be able to develop on the Apple mobile phone.

Not the first rumor that involves the iPhone in the videogames market: some recent rumors would even want Nintendo to grapple with the iPhone. Perhaps a little too "pushed" as a forecast, but a sign of a certain interest in the gaming business towards the Apple mobile phone.

Just in the last few hours, the first console emulator appeared in the world of hacking the Apple phone: thanks to the work of a talented programmer Zelda, Mario and the other characters of the Nintendo sagas I can be emulated on the iPhone touch screen thanks to the reproduction controls directly on the active surface. It is still a software in its initial state but it could be the vanguard of a series of emulators and real gaming applications that could appear on a device that has power to sell.

Below we see a demonstration of the NES emulator on the iPhone based on the InfoNES core.

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