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iPhone almost ready for Latin America too?

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iPhone ready to land in South America? According to the economic newspaper CincoDias to anticipate the launch of the mobile phone in unspecified continent would be just as unspecified sources informed on the facts.

Rumors of the landing in some of the most important South and Central American countries (such as Mexico) have been around for some time. Macity also spoke about it a few days ago on the occasion of indiscretions that appeared, in truth, not particularly solid in the margins of which the only certain detail was the great desire of the journalist to quickly possess an iPhone officially marketed for his country. Now Cinco Dias, who has a certain credibility also by virtue of his specialization in information, adds some interesting details, such as the hypothesis that the phones will be sold in an unlocked version.

According to Cinco Dias, the economic model for the launch of the smartphone was a winning result only in the United States in collaboration with AT&T: once exported to the United Kingdom, Germany and France it generated sales below expectations.

To corroborate the hypothesis of the launch in Latin America of a new iPhone without blocks for the operator, the economic newspaper CincoDias reports the example of Telecom Italia Mobile, Tim and also the Spanish case. In the Iberian Peninsula the official announcement of the iPhone expected by Telefonica next month, after months and months of negotiations that should lead to a different model, while for Italy and Tim the absence of a carrier lock seems already well established . CincoDias cites two of the most suitable operators for the official launch of the iPhone in Latin America: Telefnica and America Movil.

The succession of news reported by unspecified sources and always indicated among professionals, leads us to think that something is really moving in the countries of Latin America. We were told the speculations on the change of economic model by Apple or the choice of Cupertino to continue according to what has been done so far remain precisely in the field of speculation. The same Cinco Dias newspaper claims that nothing at the moment decided that Apple could adopt with the same probability the carrier-lock model or a new one, without exclusive sale or with an exclusive limited in time.

According to Cinco Dias, this second choice would have two fundamental consequences: a higher purchase price for the end user, and finally Apple's ability to negotiate with different operators in each country to establish special contracts for the traffic generated and "made for" tariff plans. iPhone ".