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iPhone 9 / SE 2, launch tests: other signs of a nearby presentation are popping up

iPhone 9 / SE 2, launch tests: other signs of a nearby presentation are popping up

They continue to emerge clues on 'iPhone 9 or SE 2, the economic model of the iPhone that Apple had planned to introduce already a the end of March, except then to put off because of the difficulties imposed by the current one sanitary emergency.

Today on Chinese e-commerce one appeared dedicated page right on the iPhone 9, complete with image of a device covered by a red sheet, waiting to be revealed. An intentional choice, not an error or a simple placeholder. Of course, the page presents very few details on the characteristics of the smartphone (it will be a 4G device and equipped with brings Lightning), and does not make any specific reference about availability, but the simple fact that a large Chinese distributor has decided to move points in the direction of a launch near now.

In addition, the well-known leaker and youtuber Jon Prosser, on Twitter, points out that the iPhone 9 is now also mentioned by Verizon, who added it to the list of suitable devices to be sold in exchange.

Also in this case, as on the Chinese store, the device is called "iPhone 9": at the moment there is nothing safe, but it could be in short proof of nine, the one that excludes a possible denomination "SE 2".

We remind you that in the past few days even on the Apple website traces began to appear of the new cheap melafonino. In that case, however, reference was made to "iPhone SE". Whether it's a name or the other doesn't matter: the time is ripe for a presentation that could take place at any moment.