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iPhone 8 rumors will be completely in glass?

iphone 8 rumors

It is said that iPhone 8 will have the same revolutionary impact that the first iPhone had in 2007 and that will change the conception of mobile communication.

iPhone 8 will not be available soon, but it is already generating interest among fans and analysts. In the best Apple tradition, no information or details have been released on the new model, but leaks and rumors are only increasing. Finally, an authoritative source has even provided previews of the latest in the iPhone range.

iPhone 8, the first rumors

Some anticipation on the technical specifications had already been known for some time, for example the all-glass design, confirmed by Apple Ming-Chi Kuo analyst of KGI Securities. Other reliable information came from a Barclays analyst who stated that the new model it will recharge in wireless mode with a range of 15 feet, or about 4.5 meters. But there is more, an OLED display, a 5.8-inch screen, an A11 chip and a Snapdragon X16 LTE modem.

All in glass

Among the new features of the iPhone 8, the body entirely in glass the one that most attracts curiosity. A union of glass and metal had already been used in the iPhone 4 2010 and iPhone 4S 2011 models. The problems with the bending of the iPhone 4 Plus had meant that the later models aimed at strength and durability, the metal parts contributed to this purpose, although they subjected the devices to a greater chance of being scratched. Many people wonder how to make Apple to maintain the structural integrity of iPhones with a glass body. There is talk of a steel frame that would properly protect the phone. But these are items still to be confirmed.

One of the most relevant innovations of the iPhone 8 consists of the patent (number 9,543,364) registered by Apple in January of this year, or a system that would allow Apple to create devices with openings or holes. It would make it possible for us to create one screen that would completely cover the surface of the device, with cameras, sensors and other completely hidden controls. If these items are also reliable, the delivery time of the new model would not be short.

Oled screen for the iPhone 8

The OLED display would also guarantee avery thin setting: unprecedented. After all, a device with openings would allow Apple to exploit the spaces around the corners of the device, traditionally used for command controls. This design would make the joy of many, in particular, if you think that the latest iPhone models have a dated appearance, if compared with direct rivals.

Qualcomm's LTE

Another indiscretion worthy of note would speak of the supply of LTE processors by Qualcomm. This would be an excellent choice, considering that Qualcomm can boast of simply formidable mobile chips, so let's talk about the Snapdragon X16 which supports LTE Cat.16 which reaches 1Gbps of download speed. If the iPhone 8 is equipped with the Snapdragon X16, you could download a 4K movie, which weighs about 100GB, in just 13 minutes, speeds offered only by the fiber. For official confirmations we will have to wait for September 2017.

Interest is growing

iPhone 8 seems to be a really interesting device. The fact that rumors and speculation continue to swarm proves that the public's interest in the next smartphone from Cupertino is extremely high. Though official device details were not officially released by Apple, patents and other speculations on this flagship smartphone suggest a terrific and revolutionary device. We must not forget that it will come out in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of Iphone and certainly will not make this anniversary go unnoticed.iphone 8 rumors