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iPhone 8 Plus, battery inflates and raises the screen: cases ascertained

iPhone 8 Plus

Some iPhone 8 Plus open in two: the screen comes off due to the sudden swelling of the battery. Apple has not yet commented.

Some iPhone 8 Plus open in two: there have been episodes told by some customers about their damaged units, it seems to seal the battery and lift the screen. Few cases (we are talking about 6 episodes) in which users complained about the break off of the screen due to the sudden swelling of the battery and Apple has yet to issue an official statement on the matter, but investigations into the phenomenon have begun.

iPhone 8 Plus, inflate the battery and detach the screen; 6 cases

Among those who reported the incident, they appear some consumers in Hong Kong, China, Greece and Canada.Although no precise information has been released on this, it seems that the common problem lies in the battery that swells for reasons to be determined.

Detachment of the screen for the iPhone 8 Plus, a case in New York

A recent case was also described by Chris Ogden, of New York, in which the screen opened due to the sudden expansion of the battery: his iPhone 8 Plus 256GB had been used for only a week before manifesting the problem that saw the screen bend and break away because of the battery, but, fortunately, as in the other episodes known so far, no burns or injuries were found to the owners.

IPhone Plus batteries that swell, perhaps the fault of unofficial chargers

Although elements common to all the episodes are found, the latter has perhaps provided important investigation tools: the owner specified that he had used the Apple cable with Anker's Qi wireless charger on occasion. This was the first case in which a device, among the malfunctioning ones, gets damaged with wireless charging.

The smartphone was changed by the staff of the Apple store immediately without charge and as described, sent back to Apple for further information on the problem encountered.

IPhone 8 Plus screen watchdog, two certified cases

Until now the news from New York, along with another from Taiwan, are the only ones that concern the iPhone 8 Plus that open in two after being used; the Taiwanese woman who reported the incident first used her device for a few days before she skipped the screen.

Other reports regarding similar events refer to units arriving at the buyer with the screen detached from the body. Another individual found the same problem even on a model of iPhone 8 Plus 64GB gold and, again, the store replaced the phone without giving technical details on the reason for the incident.

Apple has yet to provide results of recent events investigations in relation to its new iPhone 8 Plus device, but has confirmed thatta investigating the issue emerged at the end of September.

The iPhone 8 Plus does not explode

Despite the problem of some of the units, still few if taken into account the large number of devices sold, the iPhone 8 Plus, in the absence of real explosions, still far from the technical problem of the last Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung, but plausible that the management of AppleWant to prevent the problem of some units from suggesting that it is something greater.

iPhone 8 Plus