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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Stocks on pre-orders are running out. Also wait …

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Stocks on pre-orders are running out. Also wait ...


iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Stocks on pre-orders are running out. He also waited 3 weeks

Today was the first day of pre-orders for new ones iPhone 6 is iPhone 6 Plus, and unfortunately Italy has been excluded from this technological gold rush, in fact the pre-orders will start only on September 26th but according to the first sources, the stocks destined for each country would seem reduced to the bone, given that in many large cities, pre-orders are already slipping by 3 weeks.

Apple would have assigned a different quantity for each country and then the various national operators and distributors would have divided the various stores. Unfortunately, from the news that comes to us from other countries, given the high demand of the two models it would seem that the first stocks are already over and the restocking will take place only after 3 weeks.

The 5.5-inch model is in short supply from the early hours, the iPhone 6 Plus which has aroused much interest because of the interesting features that differentiate it from those with 4.7-inch displays. In both the USA and the United Kingdom and Germany, stocks are already depleted and the estimated delivery has been moved to October 7th. As for the reservations made on the Apple Store, we note how the model from 4.7 inches is still available although the 16 GB cut is running out but for the 5.5 inches the wait could be 3-4 weeks.

These slowdowns are surely due to the problems encountered by Apple in its factories before the launch, on the 5.5-inch display that in the various factories that are producing it, problems and slowdowns of various kinds have multiplied that have made it shift mass production.

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