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iPhone 5 with new earbuds from Apple?

iPhone 5 with new earbuds from Apple?


Headphones completely redesigned for the new iPhone5?

IPhone shoppers have been complaining for several years Apple's poor innovation from the point of view of the smartphone earphones, which, from the day of the launch of the first iPhone, have practically never changed.

With the launch of iPhone 5, however, Apple could finally accommodate the requests of its customers.

Apparently, in fact, with the new iPhone 5 new earphones may arrive. Let's see together how they could be made.

What you see in the pictures could be the new headsets that Apple will introduce with iPhone 5.

Obviously this is a news to be taken with the pliers, which comes from a source very close to Apple, who assures me that the headphones shown are absolutely authentic.

Here is also a video showing the likely new headphones that will be supplied with the purchase of the new iPhone.

Here is the translation of what is shown in the video:

In my hands are the new headphones of the next generation of iPhone and iPod from Apple. These you see will replace those currently on the market. They are manufactured in the Co Phax plant in Vietnam. They look more like a horse's head than a headset. The moment they are worn, they remain decidedly more hidden. As you can see, the new earphones are much smaller and when we wear them, even for a long time, we will never have pain or discomfort as it happens with all the currently existing earphones. In the previous earphones it almost seems that a part can be removed, while the new ones give the idea of ​​being composed of a single piece. Previous earphones were mostly produced in China, and something also here in Vietnam. These instead are 100% produced by us, as can also be seen from the wording on the wire Designed by Apple in California, assembled in Vietnam.

Will these really be the new headphones that we will find in the box of the new iPhone?

We will only know it in a couple of weeks, when the new iPhone 5 will be officially presented.

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