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iPhone 5: presentation on September 12, on the market since 21?


Apple iPhone 5: new rumors about price and release date

When does the iPhone 5 come out? When does the iPhone 5 arrive? How much does the iPhone 5 cost?

Now, a month after the presentation of the new Apple smartphone, questions on the new flagship device of the Cupertino house are going crazy.

Every day new photographs arrive on the net depicting small parts of the new iPhone 5: first the mini connector, then the motherboard, then the home button, the battery and others.

At the moment, however, we do not yet know officially when the new Apple smartphone will be presented and released.

Rumors say that the presentation conference of the new iPhone 5 will be held on September 12 in San Francisco. According to other rumors, then, the new iPhone 5 should arrive in American stores starting from September 21, while in Italy it could arrive on October 5.

According to other rumors, however, in Italy the new iPhone 5 may already arrive from September 21, but only with the H3G telephone operator. The other operators will have it only from October 5th.

All these news, of course, have not yet been confirmed, but now the rumors on the web are so many that we can take them for real.

Even according to the iMore website, in fact, the pre-orders of the new version of the melafonino will be activated on the day of the presentation, that is next September 12th. The sources of such rumors would also indicate the date of marketing of the new iPhone, which for the US market would be September 21st.

As for the international launch, as we said earlier, also according to the iMore website, we will have to wait for the first week of October, to be precise on Friday 5.

By now there is only one month left for the long-awaited presentation, we can only continue to wait to find out who was right.

Will you buy the new iPhone 5?

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