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iPhone 4G: new online appearance with photos and videos

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iPhone 4G: new online appearance with photos and videos –

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The new generation iPhone reappears on the Web in a complete series of photographs and even in a movie that not only shows the external features but which also seem to reveal some fundamental details of its internal functioning. After the scoop made by Gizmodo, this time the iPhone 4G was captured by the Vietnamese taoviet site. It is impossible to establish whether the iPhone 4G given as a meal to world curiosity is really an official model that came out of the production lines or if it is a device built using the various components recovered on the eastern markets, drawing for example on spare parts channels and the companies that supply the various building components.

However, it is worth noting that for the first time in the photographs published by the Vietnamese website, the presence of an Apple A4 processor, essentially a System on a Chip, signed SoC, with a serial number identical to the one integrated into the iPad. For months, rumors and speculations have indicated the arrival of a custom Apple processor for the new iPhone, this new rumor and the published images seem to confirm the detail.

Compared to the prototype of the Gizmodo scoop, this new copy of iPhone 4G or iPhone HD seems to come from a more advanced production stage. The generic writings "XX" for the memory, now indicated in 16GB as well as the screws visible in different points of the first stolen prototype, have disappeared. In images and video the new iPhone offers an elegant design with the front and rear pate completely black, respectively for the screen and behind for a reflective chassis. Throughout the perimeter then runs a metal profile that houses the buttons. In addition to the front webcam wing, on the back there is a generously sized lens flanked by an LED illuminator. In all the photos and videos of the Vietnamese site, the iPhone 4G does not give any particular signs of life: the operating system does not seem to be present on the device, while on the screen that does not react to touch, an image of an explosion is displayed that probably covers the writing " hell "and at the bottom there are what appear to be the results of a diagnostic test with repeated" bonfire "several times.

Below we insert the YouTube video showing the alleged iPhone 4G. In addition to shooting the new smartphone from every angle, the slot for the micro SIM card is shown towards the end of the video. Compared to the iPhones seen so far, the new model integrates the housing on the right side and not on the top, and houses the micro SIM cards instead of the traditional SIM cards.

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